The true story of Lillian Briggs, the very first "Queen of Rock & Roll" and how she fought for and achieved The American Dream ... Twice.







(Additional information: http://www.google.com)

"THE TONIGHT SHOW" (1955) Lillian Briggs  Host: Steve Allen - First TV Appearance VIDEO LINK:

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=156762581102557&l=251792390719852763  (VIDEO)

"WHAT'S MY LINE?" (3-21-65) Lillian Briggs - First Mystery Guest Star  Panel:Carol Channing,Arlene Francis,Alan King VIDEO LINK:  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-ts=1421914688&x-yt-cl=84503534&v=-X6n1SLLo64 (VIDEO)





Lillian Briggs - "COME HERE" - MUSIC VIDEO LINK:


(Additional Lillian Briggs Music Videos: http://www.youtube.com and http://www.dailymotion.com)  



I               WANT               YOU               TO               BE               MY               BABY





EXT. Rural Pennsylvania - Day (1952)

AERIAL SHOT as CAMERA searches the steely gray sky.  Rain clouds hang heavy.  The trees below are bare, leaving no color on the horizon.  Dotting the bleak countryside are small farms, their fields reflecting the overpowering grayness everywhere.  The landscape is unrelentingly oppressive and lifeless.  Then, CAMERA ZOOMS IN on a small back road -


EXT. Pennsylvania Back Road - Day

A large truck with 'Hudsco Cleaners' lettered across the sides, roars around a corner.  It splashes through puddles and sends the dead wet leaves flying into the air from the pavement -




Travelling at break-neck speed, the truck veers off onto a dirt road leading to a new low-income housing development.  The truck fishtails and skids wildly as it hits a mudslick.  The brakes lock and the truck plunges head-on into a mudhole stretching across the road, and comes to a violent stop.  Steam hisses.  With the truck barely still, mud begins oozing up into the fender wells and towards the cab as it sinks faster and faster -

                                                      GOD-LIKE VOICE (O.S.)

                                            Jump!  JUMP!



High on a telephone pole, a receiver in his hand, a telephone REPAIRMAN watches as the uniformed DRIVER splashes hip-deep into the mudhole.  The truck continues sinking -




                                            Hey, fella!  Every cowboy gets thrown

                                            once in a while, huh?!


The DRIVER, wading to high ground looks up -



                                             Don't just hold the phone!  Call my boss

                                             and tell him to send out a wrecker for

                                             Lillian Briggs!!


The REPAIRMAN looks at the feisty dark-haired young woman and dials -




EXT. Hudsco Cleaners Parking Lot - Day

LILLIAN climbs down from the wrecker as the mechanic unhooks her truck.  Her face is dirty and her white uniform is caked with mud.  She walks toward the garage, where three drivers, HANK, JOHN and PHIL, stand smoking -


                                                          (looking her over)

                                             Hey, Lil!  Run into a little trouble?



                                             Looks like she ran into more than that!



                                             Did you chip any finger nails?



                                             I thought you were supposed to bring in dirty

                                             laundry, not wear it back to the shop!


The three men dissolve into laughter -


                                                             (standing straight)

                                             I bring in more than you three guys combined.



                                             Today you broke the record, that's for sure!


LILLIAN walks past them and into the garage -



                                                                (calling after her)

                                             Send a postcard from the unemployment line!


INT. Hudsco's Office - Day

HUDSCO, his face beet red, strains from behind his desk as LILLIAN stands in front of him -



                                             That's the third one of my trucks you've destroyed

                                             so far!



                                             I told you the last time, when the roof caved in,

                                             that it wasn't my fault!



                                             Not your fault!?  The truck drove itself under a

                                             tree whose branches were heavy with snow?



                                             Okay, I didn't account for the snow....  But when 

                                             the tire blew out the time before that, I did         

                                             everything by the book.  Just like you taught me.                                               


                                             No Shit?!!



                                             I stopped the truck, didn't I?



                                             Yeah.  On it's side.  In a ditch.  And right on top

                                             of Mr. Pickson's compost heap!



                                             He still gave me his laundry order though!



                                             I must have been crazy to hire a girl for this job!



                                             I'm doing as well as any MAN!



                                             I ought to fire you.....




                                             I didn't mean to shout, Mr. Hudsco.



                                              .....But even with the towing, repairs and

                                             re-laundering all the clothes, you're still the best

                                             driver I've got.






                                             You've got guts, kid.



                                             Yeah!  Don't forget the part about me getting

                                             bit on the ass by four separate dogs, Mr. Hudsco...



                                                             (heating up again)

                                             The last GUY to make your run, got bitten SIX

                                             times and never put a scratch on one of my

                                             TRUCKS!!  Now, shake what's left of that ass

                                             of yours out there tomorrow, and drum up

                                             more business!



                                             Yes, sir, Mr. Hudsco!



                                                         (motioning to the door)




                                             You weren't gonna fire me.  Were you?



                                             Out!  OUT!!  OUT!!!


INT. Diner - Morning

LILLIAN walks into the Diner, spotless in a new white uniform.  She strides up to a group of drivers at the counter, all eating hot dogs.  Among them are HANK, JOHN and PHIL -



                                             Didn't see your truck in the garage this

                                             morning, Lil.



                                              That's right.  I had it out.



                                             I guess Hudsco let you have it pretty good

                                             yesterday, huh?!



                                             Put you on suspension without pay?


A WAITRESS walks up to the counter, and rolling her eyes at the men, takes out her pad -



                                             Morning, Lil.  What'll you have?



                                             Coffee and a sweet roll.



                                             Whatsa matter?  Got a weak stomach from




                                             ....Make that a hot dog, extra spicy chile, with

                                             onions and mustard....and a cuppa coffee.




                                             Comin' up.

                                                                 (to the cook)

                                             Tube steak on a bun, heavy blood and guts,

                                             ground-ball and a squirt!

                                                              (Winking at LILLIAN)

                                             Enjoy your breakfast.


The WAITRESS goes for the coffee -



                                             So where'd you sneak off to this morning?



                                             Back to the new development.


The WAITRESS serves LILLIAN'S order -



                                                              (stifling a laugh)

                                             You forget something in the mud?



                                                        (wolfing down the hot dog)

                                             Yeah.  To open the territory.  I got the whole

                                             development.  Exclusive.


The men are silent.  They look from one to another -



                                             Nice going, Lil.



                                             Yeah.  Good work.



                                             Tiger Lil strikes again.....You don't ever give up.






                                             Lemme buy you another hot dog!



                                             Hey!  Another chile dog for Lil!



                                             No, thanks guys.



                                             It's on us!



                                                                    (getting up)

                                             Nah.  I'm full.  Maybe tomorrow morning, huh?

                                             I gotta go.  Don't want to be late for my regulars.


LILLIAN slips her money onto the counter and leaves -


EXT. Diner Parking Lot - Morning

LILLIAN stands at the back of her truck, out of sight of the Diner, vomiting her breakfast into the bushes.  She takes out a breath spray and gives her mouth a shot, then climbs behind the wheel -



                                                                   (to herself)

                                             Ugh!  What a gross way to start the morning!

                                             Those guys are nuts.  Whatever happened to



INT. Allentown Pool Hall - Night

The room is blue with cigarette smoke.  Several trampy girls hang on the arms of small-time lotharios at the bar, bumming drinks.  In the center of the floor, a crowd of men have gathered at the pool table -


LILLIAN, dressed in black leather, chalks up her cue as the others look on -



                                                 (taking a drag from her cigarette)

                                             Six ball in the corner pocket.



                                             She'll never make it.


                                                                ANOTHER MAN

                                             You haven't seen her shoot.


                                                          STILL ANOTHER MAN

                                             I got five dollars says she won't come close!


                                                                ANOTHER MAN

                                             In a pig's eye!  I got ten that says she will!



                                             Put your money on the table, fellas, I'm feeling

                                             hot tonight!  



                                             You're always 'hot', Lil!



                                             Is that what you tell your wife?


The men laugh as they shell out their bets and the pile of cash grows on the table -



                                             My wife ain't got what you have!



                                             Try turning on the lights next time!  We all

                                             got the same, Valentino!


                                                           STILL ANOTHER MAN

                                              You gonna talk your way through it, or

                                              shoot?  My money's gettin' cold!



                                             That's what happens to nickles and dimes.


                                                                ANOTHER MAN

                                              Hit the ball!



                                             Don't rush me!  I gotta plan this out.


LILLIAN flicks her cigarette onto the floor and climbs onto the pool table, her tight black  leather pants straining at the seams, and cues up for her shot -



                                             Christ!  Lil, hit the ball!  Here comes your

                                             brother, Joe!


The crowd parts as LILLIAN'S big brother, JOE, shoves people aside -



                                             What're you doin'?!  I'm gonna clean up on

                                              this shot!



                                             Put down the stick, Lil.  You're finished.



                                              Like hell I am!        


JOE grabs her by the belt loops and hauls LILLIAN off the table as the men watch open mouthed -



                                              Let go-a me!  Where do you come off....

                                              You big baboon!  Put me down!  Put me

                                              DOWN!  I got a great shot over here!


JOE shoves her roughly towards the door -



                                             Shut up!  I'm double-parked, now get going!


LILLIAN tries to twist from his grip and get back to the table, but JOE is too strong for her -



                                             You stupid Ass!  Who're you pushing around?!

                                              Let go, or I'll punch out your lights!



                                              I told you to shut up and move!



                                              Look at me, I'm shaking!



                                              You act like a slut!



                                              It's a six ball in the corner pocket!!


JOE grabs the back of her leather jacket and carries LILLIAN out the door, kicking and screaming -



                                              I had that shot!  I had that shot bagged!  Let go!

                                              You're gonna rip my jacket!  You're gonna be

                                              sorry!  No...No...NO!  Watch the jacket!  That shot



EXT. Lillian's House - Night

Gray clapboard, and on the wrong side of Allentown, Lillian's house stands back from the sidewalk on a small lawn.  JOE'S car pulls up to the curb.  LILLIAN jumps out in a rage, before the car rolls to a stop, and slams the door -




                                              You had no right!  You made a fool of me

                                              back there!



                                              You made a fool of yourself, as usual!



                                              I was having a good time!  What the hell is

                                              wrong with that?!



                                                    (shoving her towards the house)

                                              Keep your voice down!  You'll wake up Mom and the

                                              whole neighborhood!



                                              I don't give a damn, and get your slimy

                                              hands off-a me!


LILLIAN kicks JOE in the knee, and storms into the house -

- Scene -

- Scene -

- Scene -

EXT.  Wilson Farm - Day

Heavy slush covers the ground as LILLIAN, doubled over in pain, gets out of her truck.  She carries two presents, wrapped in comics from the Sunday paper, and one dark suit on a hanger.  MR. WILSON lets the screen door slam -

                                                                 MR. WILSON

                                                           (smiling toothlessly)  

                                              Hey, Lillian!  Glad to see ya!



                                             Hi, Mr. Wilson.  You gotta stop staying

                                              home from work!


                                                                 MR. WILSON

                                              Got no choice.  The Mill laid me off.



                                              Oh, I'm sorry.


                                                                 MR. WILSON

                                              No need.  They say it's only temp'rary.

                                              Had a good meatloaf for Christmas

                                              dinner.  We have savings in the bank!



                                              First Federal will give you a free ball-point

                                              pen if you transfer your account.


                                                                 MR. WILSON

                                              Thanks.  Hey, what's wrong with you?



                                              I had an accident at home.


                                                                  MR. WILSON 

                                              Nothin' serious, I hope.



                                              Nah, I just have to be careful of the stairs.


                                                                  MR. WILSON

                                              What you got in there?


LILLIAN holds out the presents to him -



                                              I wanted to get you and Mrs. Wilson something

                                              for Christmas.  You've been awfully good to me.


MRS. WILSON, wrapped in a tattered shawl, pokes her head out the door -


                                                                 MRS. WILSON

                                             Aw, Lil!  You shouldn'ta done it!


MRS. WILSON, thrilled, takes her gift -



                                              Yours is a set of guest towels.


                                                                 MRS. WILSON

                                              From the Five and Dime?!  In TOWN?!  The

                                              ones in their window display...with the




                                              I thought you'd like 'em.  Mr. Wilson, yours

                                              is that wood saw you wanted, to fix the fence.


                                                                  MR. WILSON

                                                                  (choked up)

                                              I don't know whatta say....


                                                                  MRS. WILSON

                                              Well, I do!  Come in here where it's warm, Lil.

                                              I'm gonna make you a meatloaf sandwich to

                                              take along for lunch!


LILLIAN hobbles into the farmhouse -                                                             

- Scene -

- Scene -

- Etc. -


.... By the close of 1955, Lillian Briggs would be crowned "The Queen Of Rock & Roll" by Billboard Magazine and throughout the media... At the same time Elvis Presley was "King"....  For a girl from Allentown, who didn't have indoor running water until the age of 10....  Dreams would come true beyond her wildest imagination....  She would tour the world, make millions, change history.... and pay a price for it all.... How?  Here's a clue from "Tiger Lil".... 



 Lillian Briggs Photo Gallery Link:


Lillian Briggs Facebook Page  Link:



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Reader Comments (54)


November 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAlice L.

I've had the privilege of reading the whole script and believe this would be a phenomenal movie, timely and educational. Some of us immediately recognize the get up and dance music but are unfamiliar with Lillian's name. She broke through the sexist barrier in Rock'n Roll giving an avalanche of opportunity for musicians like Chrissie Hynde, Madonna and even Lady Gaga. Someone in the music business should pick up this script and give her her due. (Hear me B. Dylan? Madonna?)

November 16, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterEve M.

I too have had the privilege of reading the script in its entirety and it...wait for it...ROCKS! Looking at it from an actor's point of view it is extremely well done and actor friendly. Whoever ends up making this into a movie will have an easy time as it is utterly complete in every sense of the word. Well put together and naturally written for the actors. It is very visual on the page which will lend itself to a fantastic film. This is a story we want to see on the big screen.

November 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterERNYC

Hi Lee, I haven't heard about Lillian Briggs before I read your words. You began to paint a picture of someone I'd want to learn more about. Your dialogue and scenes move smoothly and stoke my interest to know more about such an accomplished woman who has been seemingly ignored by history. Good job. Nabil Hanna

November 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNabil Hanna

Loved the script, it drew me right in, couldn’t read fast enough! I was hooked instantly wanting for more. As far as the rock and roll genre, it lives forever because of people like Lillian and thanks to writers like yourself, timeless.

November 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterADR

Haven’t heard of Lillian before, great writing, and great work. Kudos for giving her the recognition she well deserves.


November 24, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTW


Your screenplay is wonderful! It pulled me right in and left me wanting more. I'm amazed by your ability to convey so much in so few words. Great job! I'd never before heard of Lillian Briggs so would love to see her come to life on the big screen. Any chance of that?

November 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDFC

Lee Schiller, this is some tease! I want to see this movie and learn all about this strong woman! She is a STRONG lead and I am salivating wanting to know MORE about her and thank you for introducing me to her music. I am playing it now in my dressing room on the West End and everyone who walks by pops their head in and says "WHO"S THAT!" Lillian Briggs that's who! Bravo...someone make this movie!

November 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGeraldine Hughes

I heard about this posting on the grapevine. Glad I made the visit to your site. The writing is smooth, strong and rich with the subtleness of humor and pathos. One suggestion: Post MORE. I get a glimpse of where you might go with this story. After reading the bio for Lillian Briggs and listening to her belt out those songs with all her heart, I want to know exactly <where> you go with this script and <how> you get there. Nice work. Give us more. Surely actresses would fight to play this part. Good luck with this one.

November 30, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterV.A.N.

Hasn't this premise for a movie been mined to death? Small town girl makes it BIG. Blah, blah, blah. And with individuals more notable to the public, besides!

November 30, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJoe Snore Inskey

Really nice writing. I feel that I know her. And I do remember I WANT YOU TO BE MY BABY. She was terrific.

December 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNY LADY

I will be 100% honest in saying that I had no idea who Lillian Briggs was (which speaks volumes when I find out that she is none other than the "Queen of Rock and Roll"), but I will tell you this - I was eager to learn more about her after reading what felt like a too-brief sample of your screen play!! With only a few brief scenes you have managed to capture what appears to be the essence of who she was - I mean, I can already imagine what she was like and I know virtually nothing about her. I can't wait to read more! Or eventually see the finished product. I think it is such a beautiful thing that you want to pay tribute to her life like that... such an honor and I would say, based on my research after previewing your sample, well deserved and long over-due. Nice work!

December 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJGilmore

Lee, I followed you here from your Facebook page. I really liked the Lillian Briggs script sample you posted, as well as all of the links that were provided. The old-school Rock & Roll is just great! Such a happy sound!! I was also impressed with your short story and poem. Please post more soon!

December 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterFBfriend

Wow! What a multi-talented guy. Good luck with your work.


December 23, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGwen

Hey There!!
Merry Christmas (almost) and may the New Year be a Rock & Rollin' good one for you and Lillian Briggs!

December 24, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterUrPalJoey

hi lee,
i came back to your site to read more about lillian briggs. did you know she is all over the internet? i have her music on my ipod now! wish you would post more of this script :(

January 10, 2012 | Unregistered Commentermooveyfan

Why have I never heard of Lillian Briggs? She sounds like a real character. I would love to see a movie of her life and music! I'm sure theres a good story there. Hard to belleve she was a contemporary of Elvis, but her music seems so different. Write on!!!!

January 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKaren K

I came to this web site through our mutual Facebook friends. Of course I knew Lillian Briggs and was crazy about her. Will visit her Wikipedia page another time because of the protest black-out today (of which I approve). Linking up her music on the internet with your script was a really good idea. Lillian could rock out a song, no question about it. And also tell the funniest jokes. I LOVED the sample you have posted here. Excellent writing that moves right along and depicts the woman I knew. I am not surprised Gary Aulette was the first to leave a comment. I hope you get this movie made. I know people are talking about this because they have been talking to me. Good Luck! How many people have visited this site anyway since you posted the Lillian Briggs script? Peace, Ronnie Spector

Ronnie: Thank you so very much for visiting the site and for leaving your comments about Lillian Briggs!! I am truly thrilled that you read the script and found merit in it. I have always been a big fan of your work. However, I never knew that you and Lillian were close!!! In answer to your question: This website was created by Stefan Johansson in mid-September of 2011. Since that time the Host reports well over 6,000 visits. The screenplay sample was posted in early November 2011. Since the posting there have been just under 3,500 visits. If there is a way to track how many hits the Lillian Briggs screenplay sample has gotten; sorry to say that I don't know it. Hope this info helps. Thanks again for your interest in the script and for your good wishes. Best Regards, LJS 1/18/12

January 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRonnie Spector

Visited the site from the word flying on FB. Never intended to leave a comment, but this work is GOOD. Will report back and have my boss check this out.

January 26, 2012 | Unregistered Commenter007

Good work.

January 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRichard C.

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