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Growing up in a blended family with a sister, stepbrother and two stepsisters offered much to be learned about people.  A Dad like Raymond Schiller (Computer Systems Analyst and Designer – US National Defense, SeaTrain Corp., Cellular Communications, etc.), a Mom like Emmy-nominated Rose Leiman Goldemberg (Writer/Producer – ‘The Burning Bed’, ‘Stone Pillow’, ‘Letters Home’, etc.) and a Step-Father like Robert Goldemberg (Entrepreneur/Cosmetic Chemist – Plax, Covergirl Clean Make-Up, Neutrogena Products, etc.) all set positive examples for tenacity. 

Producing a collection of short films as a Vassar Film Major was a great way to focus on people and meet a challenge: the things learned early.  Working in the entertainment industry starting as a PA and culminating as Lucille Ball’s Personal Assistant combined an interest in people with a love of hard work. 

The same was true of those years writing for ‘All My Children’, ‘General Hospital’ and ‘Ryan’s Hope’ while also optioning properties for adaptation and developing original screenplays; two of which secured Winner’s Circle Awards in the same year at The Austin Film Festival. 

In retrospect, as a Senior Corporate Color and Materials Designer for WalkerGroup, Macy’s and Chaix & Johnson, the essence of each construction package was about striving forward and attention to people.  

And so, a Graduate Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and building a private practice as a psychotherapist seemed a logical progression: the sessions are all about people, and with the highest saturation of MFTs in the country, LA is the most competitive market for obtaining clients.

As Owner/Founder of Always Another Way Productions, LLC  the creative goal of each Feature Film and TV Project is to forge ahead once more by bringing a new television concept or fresh movie into the mix.  As a Writer/Producer, focus is on relatable protagonists who act upon strong personal convictions and struggle forward as their stories unfold.  Several projects are currently well-placed and in Development.  THE KAYDEN COLLECTION (an Original Screenplay) COLD LOVE* (an Original Drama) and I WANT YOU TO BE MY BABY: THE LILLIAN BRIGGS STORY** (the authorized Musical/Bio/Drama of Lillian Briggs, the very first "Queen Of Rock & Roll") are all presented in Sample Screenplays on this Web Site's "Blog" page.

*Austin Film Festival - Winner’s Circle Award                          **Austin Film Festival - Winner’s Circle Award