Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 01:02PM
Lee Schiller

In purgatory silence

A fool in the snow

Can’t see where to go.


Toward Patience

or Time

or Remember When?


At His cross-roads,

the way so

Glacier slow.


Northern: Drifts of Doubt

Southern: Endless Drought

Eastern: Fields of Pride

Western: Wasted Time


All Kodak-scattered,


Under the tundra of

Yesterday’s Blunder.


Chilly smiles deliver warmth

Perhaps mistaken

Before history morphed.


Spring will come, but for now,

The Dunce, in flake-strewn air

waves crispy gloves to see

a route towards Wherever.


Just, Free.


Watching iPhone-boy,

on your distant side-street in quiet

Don’t Care,

shift the cozy curtain there,

Toss a gesture.



Just point for Him in falling snow.

Diabolically smart,

You must know ... 

Give it over.

Get it over.


and be Done.


Just tell the


fool to


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